Welcome To A Peaceful Ending At Home

NOTE: I am currently, as of January, 2024, taking a break from performing in home transitions (euthanasias), as I grapple with the emotional, moral and ethical approach to taking the life of an animal, which likely would not decide on euthanasia if they were given the choice. I will continue to provide support for those caretakers who have questions involving their pet and end of life decisions. I will also continue to give advice and a second opinion on care, if that would be helpful.

I am passionate about prolonging a pet’s life if the pet can be made comfortable (in almost all cases we can). I will also continue to provide end of life coaching for a natural death. Please go to the News Posts for information about end of life problems that are commonly seen in the older or terminal pet. Please call with questions.

May I extend my sincere condolences if you are visiting A Peaceful Ending At Home (pet euthanasia) because you have a pet that is in a situation where you are considering an in-home transition (euthanasia). I offer this service so that your beloved pet need not be transferred to another location, but can enjoy the last moments in the comfort of its and your home. I service areas within a 20 – 30 minute drive (10-15 miles) from San Gabriel (Map)

I believe that both you and your pet should be free from as much stress and anxiety as possible during this time. Remaining in a comfortable and familiar environment translates to a peaceful transition for your companion. Also, it allows you to remain in your home without the anxiety of traveling, both before and after the procedure. Certainly, being able to grieve in the privacy of your own home is preferable to having to do it in a clinical environment while still providing a peaceful ending.

A Peaceful Transition

My desire is to make this transition as gentle and peaceful as is humanly attainable. I never rush the process, as I believe the period prior to the actual transition is extremely important. The sedative injection I give is absorbed slowly and provides pain relief as well as a twilight sleep state. It also gives each person the opportunity to say their last “good-byes.” In many cases, they are able to pet and touch areas on their pet that they haven’t been able to before or for a long time. 

New Hours

Hours are by appointment only. I am closed on Sundays and major holidays. Phone consultation hours are from 10 A.M. until 7 P.M., except on the days I’m closed. I am not available for emergencies as these are best handled at an emergency or 24 hour hospital in your area. In some instances I will be available for same day service, but in many cases, I may not be available until the next day. 

Covid-19 (Revised)

Covid-19, and/or its variants, are still a threat and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. Fortunately, I am fully vaccinated. However, I may wear a mask and some personal protective equipment during my visits. I do ask that anyone present who hasn’t been vaccinated wear a mask. Please, don’t hesitate to call with questions and/or concerns.

Navigating The Site

I decided in 2021 that I needed to update and refresh my website. My current site, www.apeacefulending.com, has some limitations for people using phones and smaller devices. I wanted to develop a site that might be helpful for people with geriatric and elderly pets to understand how the aging process is affecting their pet. This has become my passion for the last several years, and I have learned a great deal about how people respond to their pet as it ages, and how the pet responds to the process as well. The front part of the site gives an overview of the transition (euthanasia), and tries to answer the main questions I am asked about the in-home appointment. In the “back part” of the site I will try to explain what I commonly see in the elderly pet. Much of what you will read is based on my research, as well as my experience of being in veterinary medicine for 50+ years. You can go to different parts of the site by clicking on an image that is active. There are pages and posts for general information about elderly dogs and cats, as well as common diseases and problems I see frequently in both species. I would suggest you check back often to get updated and new information. 

Crossing The Rainbow Bridge