Books On Pet Loss For Adults and Children

This is a compilation of fourteen books by Belinda McLeod for Cake Blog. Here she lists seven books for adults and seven books for children. There are many more books available and this is just one list I found where the books had been thoughtfully reviewed. As with any recommendation, it is best that you take a look and decide for yourself. In most cases, you can go to an online store and you will be able to read a few pages to see if a particular book might prove helpful. 

Aftercare Resources

Aftercare is a term we use for the respectful handling of your pet’s body after the transition is complete. Unfortunately, this is an additional, and emotional, decision that must be made prior to your pet’s transition. Click on the button below to see different resources involved with aftercare.

Additional Helpful Resources

Here you will find more information to give you some guidance in case you are having problems dealing with the loss of your beloved pet. Content will be added over time, so check back often.

My Service Area

Service Area: Click on the Button below to view my approximate service area. This map is not an exact rendition of my service area, which is based on mile radius, but more importantly, driving time. 

Map of Service Area For

Special Need Harnesses

Here you will find some examples of harnesses that can help with support for both the front legs as well as the rear legs. 

Pet Age Determination Chart

This chart may be helpful to understand how our pet’s age is related to the human’s.